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JDN has been involved in property management for over 20 years starting in late 1998 with the purchase of our first student rental. Year after year we continually grew our portfolio and as result, we began implementing policies and procedures to ensure we continued to provide the same quality of service as our portfolio expanded.

Our systematic approach allowed us continual growth for several years. After implementing these systems, we caught the eye of many people in the business and as a result, JDN Property Management was officially born.


JDN Property Management has now built a property portfolio consisting of over 400 buildings, over 1200 tenants and we have also expanded into the smaller communities, cities, and towns surrounding London Ontario, Canada.

In our portfolio we have a very diverse range of property owners. We welcome average property owners with 1 unit, all the way up to companies with 100 units and encompassing single family homes, student rentals, commercial/residential and finally commercial units.

JDN’s broad experience will help facilitate a team relationship for worry-free property management.

That’s why we continue to be the #1 choice for property owners in London, Lambeth, St. Thomas, & surrounding areas.

Yours Truly,


CEO Operations & Business Development

Jeffrey D. Nead