Our Commitment to Equal Housing Opportunity

At JDN Property Management Inc., we take pride in our commitment to providing equal housing opportunities for all individuals, fostering an inclusive and diverse community in London, Ontario. As an industry leader, we understand the importance of creating environments where everyone feels welcome and valued.

What is Equal Housing Opportunity?

Equal Housing Opportunity is more than just a policy; it’s a fundamental principle that ensures everyone, regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, disability, familial status, or national origin, has the right to secure housing without discrimination. This principle is enshrined in various local, provincial, and federal fair housing laws.

Our Pledge to Equal Housing Opportunity

1. Non-Discrimination Policy

We strictly adhere to a non-discrimination policy, ensuring that all our rental, leasing, and property management practices are free from bias and treat everyone fairly.

2. Inclusive Marketing and Advertising

Our marketing and advertising materials reflect our commitment to diversity, showcasing a wide range of housing options available to individuals from all walks of life.

3. Accessible Housing

We are dedicated to providing accessible housing options for individuals with disabilities, ensuring that our properties meet or exceed accessibility standards.

4. Fair Application Processes

Our rental application processes are designed to be fair and impartial. We evaluate applications based on objective criteria, ensuring equal consideration for all applicants.

5. Reasonable Accomodations

We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities, facilitating an inclusive living experience for everyone.

6. Educational Initiatives

We believe in fostering awareness about equal housing rights. Our team is educated and trained to uphold these principles, and we actively engage in community initiatives to promote fair housing practices.

7. Prompt Resolution of Concerns

In the event of any concerns or complaints related to fair housing, we prioritize prompt investigation and resolution, ensuring a transparent and accountable process.

JDN Property Management

JDN Property Management Inc. is dedicated to creating vibrant, inclusive communities where everyone can find a home without fear of discrimination. We invite you to be a part of our diverse and welcoming living spaces, where equal housing opportunity is not just a commitment but a way of life.

For inquiries or to learn more about our commitment to equal housing opportunity, please contact us at support@jdnpropertys.com