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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I allowed to paint?

This is a possibility.  Please ensure you discuss this with us prior to painting.

Should I purchase Tenant Insurance?

We require all of our tenants to obtain a renter’s liability insurance policy. Additionally, we highly recommend that tenants also obtain coverage for their personal belongings. This is important because if unexpected events, such as a burst water pipe, occur, a property owner’s home insurance policy will not cover any loss or damage to a tenant’s personal belongings.

What are my next steps should I want to end the tenancy?

After the conclusion of your one-year tenancy agreement, and you transition to a month-to-month tenancy, you must provide written notice of your intention to vacate at least 60 days in advance to JDN Property Management. This can be easily done through the Tenant Portal. Alternatively, written notice can be provided via email, letter, or by filling out the ‘Tenant’s Notice to Terminate the Tenancy’ N9 form.

Who can I turn to, to learn my rights as a tenant?

The Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board is an excellent source of information regarding all aspects of renting in Ontario.

What are my responsibilities, as a tenant, with respect to maintenance?

The Ontario Landlord and Tenant Board specifies that a tenant is responsible for maintaining the rental unit’s cleanliness to the level that is commonly considered ordinary or normal. Additionally, the tenant must repair any damage caused to the rental property by themselves, their guests, or any other person residing in the rental unit, or pay for the repair costs.